Time Zone issues with Google Calendars

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Time Zone issues with Google Calendars

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I'm having issues with times on events. Recently, I was on the East Coast (usually west coast) and set my computer's clock to East Coast time. Google calendar was never set to a different time zone. I left it Pacific. When I returned, and set my computer's clock back to Pacific, there are events that were created in the Google Calendar that are showing up 3 hours off in VueMinder. I've checked the time zone settings on the computer and on Google Calendar (both the main Google Calendar setting and the individual events) and everything shows Pacific Time, yet VueMinder does not show the correct event time for events that were created while the computer was set to Eastern Time. New events created now that everything is back to Pacific time are OK, but events created during my trip to the east coast are incorrect in VueMinder. I've quit and restarted, etc. Nothing seems to change it.

Please help.

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