multiple timezones problem

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multiple timezones problem

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I am using nagios core 3.5.1 on a RedHat system with mod_gearman and pnp4nagios and livestatus module to monitor about 500 hosts and more than 2000 services.We are using the thruk web interface as nagios front end. It works great. System is robust, very nice work.But today my colleague asked me if we could adjust the reports of Nagios to his local timezone because the graphs and availability reports are a bit confusing for them.The main server is in GMT time zone but there are 2 mod_gearman pollers what are in different timezones, let's say: GMT + 5. How can I solve the above problem?I found similar topic in the forum, but I did not understand the solution. Did anyone overcome this issue of multiple timezones but one central main nagios server?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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